Vision and Action

Setting a big vision starts you off at the path of unleashing your potential.

Achieving your big vision, however, will require focus, discipline and massive action. Forming good habits will help you to take action almost as if on autopilot.

There will be distractions from within and outside. Thoughts that are not aligned to your vision will initially creep in. People wanting to derail you and take you away from your aspirations will no doubt conveniently appear on your path. When that happens, you will need diligence, resolve and focus to stay on course. The more diligent you are, the easier it will get.

Achieving a big vision only comes through a burning desire supported by conviction, discipline and massive action!

For me, I walk a tight rope between focusing on my vision and living my mission which includes balance, family and service. Fulfilling my vision without compromising my mission is my path and my challenge.

How about you?

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