Last year on this day I was away for the weekend in Mombasa, Kenya with a close friend/client at an “out of this world resort” which he owns and calls Zawadi (Swahili word for a gift).

We decided not to wear a watch or use the Internet. We were there for less than 1.5 days but it seemed like 1.5 months!

We had several intense discussions about spirituality, business, and family in different amazing settings within the resort. We swam in the ocean, slept under the sky, took power naps around breathtaking views, drank madafu (coconut water), ate lobsters, crabs, fish, and prawns.

I had gone to Zawadi after spending four full days with 20 branch managers of a major Bank, so I was exhausted when I reached there. However, after 1.5 days, I felt energized, inspired and uplifted!

When you are in the company of close friends in a wonderful setting, you get rejuvenated. It was a real Zawadi (gift) and an experience which will be etched in my memory forever!

Creating Zest

Zest creates joy; it gives you the ability to appreciate life even when there are ups and downs; the drive to face challenges in a positive manner.

Zest is fueled by what excites you, makes you enthusiastic and passionate. If you know what this is, do more of it.

When you are living and working with passion, it is contagious and it inspires others. Work and life are then less stressful.

Finding things that make you feel excited about life help to increase your zest – but doing the right thing does too. How you build your relationships with loved ones can have an impact on how zestful you feel. If you have loving and jovial relationships, you enhance your energy.

People who practice zest embrace life as an adventure and push the envelope. They see possibility where others only see problems. They do big things and bring other people along on their journey.

Create zest in your life and experience a life of unbridled energy and enthusiasm!

Set a Goal & Score!

I read a story about someone missing a meeting with the President at White House to watch his son’s final basketball game.

It so happened that his son made the last two point shot when their team were one point down to win the final. He later said that the experience of watching his son make the last two point winning shot was worth far more than meeting the President at the White House.

After reading this story, I was inspired to watch my son’s game even though I could only watch for the first five minutes as I had to pick up my wife Farzana from work.  As I reached the soccer ground the game was about to start so I shouted to my son: I am here! He gave me a thumbs up. Then I said that I can only watch the game for five minutes as I have to pick up Mom and he gave me a thumbs up again. Then I could not resist and said to him if he is planning to score a goal then he better do so in the first five minutes. He gave me another thumbs up!

Lo and behold he scored in the first five minutes. It was a screamer – he found the net from about 25 yards slipping the ball between two players and the bottom right corner. Wow!

How did that happen? He set a goal to score in the first five minutes and scored a goal in the first five minutes!

The moral of this story is: Set a goal to achieve a goal!

Potent Internal Expressions

Your life is made up of both external and internal aspects. While the external includes your actions, behavior and outcomes, the internal deals with the power of your thoughts, beliefs, and creativity.

Each feeds off the other.

Your affirmations and imaginations form the most potent expressions of your internal life.

The legend of Babe Ruth’s “called-shot” home run in the 1932 World Series dramatically illustrates the value of conviction.  Playing in Chicago’s Wrigley Field, the New York Yankees had won the first two games against the Chicago Cubs.  They would go on to sweep the series four games to none.  Ruth, the Yankees’ top slugger, opened the game at Chicago’s Wrigley Field with a first-inning home run, then came to the plate in the third inning.  He took two strikes, and then, according to observers, pointed toward the centerfield bleachers.  He knocked the next pitch over centerfield and out of the park.

Legend has it that a teammate asked Ruth, “What if you hadn’t hit the home run?”  Ruth’s answer:  “It never crossed my mind.


Babe Ruth’s philosophy was “Never let the fear of striking out get in your way.”  He didn’t, and though he struck out more often than most players, he rewrote the record books when it came to home runs.

What you affirm and imagine, you invite!

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Do your Best, Leave the Rest!

Give 110% to every important thing you do.

The extra 10% is usually the clincher. After giving your full dedication and going the extra mile, you need to move on.

If things still don’t work out, deeply understand the reason so you learn from the experience and apply the learning going forward.

 Usually, things do not work out because the trust and rapport are not strong or you have not understood and solved the real problem.

Sometimes, it could be that you have not articulated the solution immaculately or been able to understand and surmount the objections. At other times, it does not work out because a third alternative has not been fully explored. The third alternative is neither yours or mine, but a better alternative!

However, once you have done all of the above then you can move forward in peace. Once you have done your best, leave the rest!

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On a Roll

You will find there are times when things are difficult for you and there are times when things seem to be going pretty smoothly.

When things are going well for you, capitalize on the momentum fully, instead of slacking off. You want to act promptly on opportunities, while favorable conditions exist. The Universe is giving you a sign that your time has arrived so signal back by responding with actions that display readiness and positivity.

Once you lose momentum, it is hard to pick up speed. So when you are on a roll, keep going with enthusiasm and energy!

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Inching to Excellence

Always aim to go that one inch farther whether as a parent, spouse, employer, employee, sibling, child or friend. Take that extra step and see what a big difference that single inch eventually makes.

An improvement of even a half-percent each day can do the job. And if you commit to doing this consistently for most of the week, you’ll find that your small successes – compounded over one year – will bring remarkable improvement.

Many people tend to go for expediency, and doing just enough to get by. They don’t realize that this is most often a shortcut to failure.

Going just that extra inch farther means giving more than is required. It also means going from who you are to all that you can be – at work, as well as in relationships with self, family, and community.

Go the extra inch and you will stand apart!

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