Last year on this day I was away for the weekend in Mombasa, Kenya with a close friend/client at an “out of this world resort” which he owns and calls Zawadi (Swahili word for a gift).

We decided not to wear a watch or use the Internet. We were there for less than 1.5 days but it seemed like 1.5 months!

We had several intense discussions about spirituality, business, and family in different amazing settings within the resort. We swam in the ocean, slept under the sky, took power naps around breathtaking views, drank madafu (coconut water), ate lobsters, crabs, fish, and prawns.

I had gone to Zawadi after spending four full days with 20 branch managers of a major Bank, so I was exhausted when I reached there. However, after 1.5 days, I felt energized, inspired and uplifted!

When you are in the company of close friends in a wonderful setting, you get rejuvenated. It was a real Zawadi (gift) and an experience which will be etched in my memory forever!

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