”Corporate Sufi” Leader

*Finding Your Purpose*

Once you find your life mission, the one thing you need to do, then fuse it with all of your activities—personal and corporate. By so doing, you unleash your potential and find fulfillment on your journey.

*Embracing a Principle-Centered Approach*

Listen and trust the voice of your conscience and work with integrity, principles, and respect.
You have a social conscience, and you ensure that your corporate work creates a better society all round. You do not engage in any activity that is detrimental to the overall well-being of society or the environment.

*Making a Difference*

It is not just what you have that matters; rather, the value of your life is determined by who you are and what you give. You treat life as a precious gift and use this gift to give and to make a difference.

*Embracing Life-Long Learning*

You learn from cradle to grave. You learn from all, including nature which offers immense wisdom. You know that, in order to succeed in life, competence is the key which comes from life-long learning.

*Having Faith in the Unknown*

You do not fear the unknown. You are willing to take risks and to persevere in realizing your dreams.


You never give up. You persist until you succeed in achieving what you believe in.
Perseverance and patience go hand in hand.

*Being Effective*

You are a role model inspiring your team through your example.
You eliminate insecurities by trusting and believing in the inherent abilities and gifts of team members.
You are results-oriented, not task-focused.
You empower your team—you do not overpower them.

*Having a Positive Attitude*

You keep confident expectations. What you expect is what you invite into your life.
You are solution-oriented, not problem-focused.
You are non-judgmental, giving people the benefit of the doubt.
You do not worry about criticism. You believe in doing your best and leaving the rest.

*Balancing your Life*

Real success is holistic and caters to your body, mind, and soul. You allocate your time wisely and do not compromise on a tight set of priorities, which brings you balance and synergy.

*Savouring the Path*

You know that destiny lies in the path. You love the challenges and hurdles because they enhance your strength and tenacity.
You regard each day as the most important day of your life. Thus, every day—every moment—is a gift that you cherish and savor. You go with the flow without taking your eye off your goals.

*Taming Our Ego*

You strive for positive pride and shun egotism.
You let the subject disappear in the object by letting the self disappear in the higher purpose of your work.
You accept your shortcomings. You do not have a need to become defensive or take things personally.

*Igniting your Spirituality*

You make spirituality the centerpiece of your life, including your corporate life, so that 24 hours of your day are grounded in spirituality.
You know the corporate soul—the real reason for the corporation’s existence.

*Understanding Life and Death*

You realize that there is a beginning and an end to everything in life. Every beginning is an end of the old, and every end a beginning of the new.
When you die, you know that you do not take what you have but, rather, what you gave.

*Experiencing the Divine in Corporate Life*

You know that all success happens by the Divine’s work. Hard work and struggle pay dividends, but without grace you cannot go too far. You invite the Divine into your corporate life and make the Divine your partner in everything you do.
You become co-creators with the Divine by creating something beautiful in this world through your work.
You see divinity in all. You understand that everything and everybody is a signpost to the Oneness of creation.

These principles are universal and practical. They are founded on love and act as a bridge between your personal and corporate life. If these principles are implemented by you and other leaders in your team, your corporation would be a more happy, peaceful, and loving place where each person is given the space and the opportunity to flower to his or her potential and to contribute to society and to the world.  Your corporate life will, thus, be materially rewarding, as well as spiritually enriching.


If you are able to gain composure and put things in perspective, you will find the big challenge you are having, can be managed.

When you are consumed by fear, panic or anxiety the perspective gets clouded.

In times of great challenge, the starting point is to realize the best way to minimize and handle your challenge is to be calm and composed.

When you are calm and composed you get perspective of the challenge and you also draw from your deep inner wisdom.

Perspective is the antidote to fear, anxiety and panic!

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Affirmations & Imagination

Affirmations are positive thoughts that you feed yourself. They create energy, passion, and gusto. Things will not change overnight. It will take time, but you have to display patience and persistence.

“If you can dream it, you can do it,” Walt Disney said.

Affirmations unleash your imagination. Once you have done your affirmations, practice visualization, and imagination exercises. Imagination is powerful.

Willpower without clarity and imagination is not as effective.

If are going through chaos right now, don’t despair. Through imagination, you can transport yourself to a state of bliss. Let go of your limitations and connect with universal energy. You move beyond the limits of your conscious mind and tap into the reserves of the subconscious mind or sixth sense.

When you feel your affirmations, you invite the universe to join you and help you achieve what you are seeking.

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Potent Internal Expressions

Your life is made up of both external and internal aspects. While the external includes your actions, behavior and outcomes, the internal deals with the power of your thoughts, beliefs, and creativity.

Each feeds off the other.

Your affirmations and imaginations form the most potent expressions of your internal life.

The legend of Babe Ruth’s “called-shot” home run in the 1932 World Series dramatically illustrates the value of conviction.  Playing in Chicago’s Wrigley Field, the New York Yankees had won the first two games against the Chicago Cubs.  They would go on to sweep the series four games to none.  Ruth, the Yankees’ top slugger, opened the game at Chicago’s Wrigley Field with a first-inning home run, then came to the plate in the third inning.  He took two strikes, and then, according to observers, pointed toward the centerfield bleachers.  He knocked the next pitch over centerfield and out of the park.

Legend has it that a teammate asked Ruth, “What if you hadn’t hit the home run?”  Ruth’s answer:  “It never crossed my mind.


Babe Ruth’s philosophy was “Never let the fear of striking out get in your way.”  He didn’t, and though he struck out more often than most players, he rewrote the record books when it came to home runs.

What you affirm and imagine, you invite!

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Unleash the Power of Challenges

Unexpected challenges, enormous change, or pressing deadlines are real and happen to all of us. The secret to surviving them or rather thriving is not to get ruffled, but to maintain your equilibrium and enthusiasm, and to stay centered. By relaxing and staying calm, you’ll be able to handle things effectively.

Involve your family and your colleagues in these challenges. This way you won’t feel alienated and they’ll also help you overcome these challenges.

When you are put to the test, stick to your values and principles by making the right choice in the moment of integrity.

The more you exercise wise choices, the easier it is to continue to do so in the future. When you succumb to temptations, you are less likely to withstand the real tests that are bound to come in life.

As you become successful, you face more challenges.  With each success, the test gets bigger.  As you overcome the first hurdle, a new one is put in its place.  This is the universe’s way of honing your capacity and ability to succeed.  There is nothing wrong with this since most of us never make use of our full potential.

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You are in charge of your thoughts; not your circumstances, not your environment, not your luck!

It is easy to blame something outside you for your mood and your thoughts.

When you realize it is you who is the master and the architect of your thoughts, you can channel your thoughts in a different direction.

Where do you take your thoughts you may ask? To a happy, blissful and serene place where you are at your peak.

James Allen is his classic book, As a Man Thinketh, said:
”A man is literally what he thinks, his character being the complete sum of all his thoughts.”

You are the master of your joy and sorrow. As you think, so you become. Beware of your thoughts – they determine the extent of your joy and impact of your sorrow!

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Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

What we choose to believe is a decisive part of how we choose to experience life. So be careful of what you choose to believe in; it might just become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Here are three aspects of belief creation and its impact on our lives.

1. Subtle yet powerful mechanism – Your beliefs are often molded before you are even consciously aware of them. And almost as imperceptibly, you start subscribing to them. Gradually it becomes a fundamental premise of your life and a filter for all your life experiences.

2. Using the belief as a shield – Once you start believing something, you can settle back in your comfort zone and feel absolved of the responsibility to try something different. So belief often becomes a facade for obsolescence and complacency.

3. Self-affirming phenomenon – The universe is an open field of potentiality. What you can imagine, what you want to believe, you start creating. In short, whatever you focus on becomes stronger. So if you believe you are creative, then your intent, your approach, as well as all that you attract in your life, including people and situations, work towards re-affirming your belief.

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