I am not a relationship expert. However, I do run into relationship issues while I coach business executives.

What I have noticed is that the biggest lament for women in a relationship (marriage, common law) is the lack of expression, appreciation, and priority from the man in her life.

Women find men to be misers in expressing their love and appreciation and give priority to other things (business, sports) compared to the relationship.

Men, on the other hand, are confused. No matter what they do, women can find fault with them.

If men started to take every opportunity to express their love and appreciation and assign priority to their relationship things would get much better.
If women, on the other hand, picked their battles instead of making every battle a big one, things are bound to improve.

It would be good to do a weekly checkpoint of how this is working as follows:

– what worked well last week?
– what could have been done better?
– what are the goals for the coming week?

I believe when an important relationship is rock solid in terms of communication, respect and understanding the rest of the challenges are far easier to handle. When the foundation of an important relationship is shaky, the rest of your life gets impacted!

Creating Zest

Zest creates joy; it gives you the ability to appreciate life even when there are ups and downs; the drive to face challenges in a positive manner.

Zest is fueled by what excites you, makes you enthusiastic and passionate. If you know what this is, do more of it.

When you are living and working with passion, it is contagious and it inspires others. Work and life are then less stressful.

Finding things that make you feel excited about life help to increase your zest – but doing the right thing does too. How you build your relationships with loved ones can have an impact on how zestful you feel. If you have loving and jovial relationships, you enhance your energy.

People who practice zest embrace life as an adventure and push the envelope. They see possibility where others only see problems. They do big things and bring other people along on their journey.

Create zest in your life and experience a life of unbridled energy and enthusiasm!

True Love!

Decorative fabric heart  hanging on the blue wooden background

The expressions of love are some of life’s greatest puzzles, which we navigate on a continual basis.

So, what are some ways people express their love?

Some expressions include:

-love through poetry

-love through gifts

-love through kind favours

-love by a show of gratitude

There are many ways to express love. However, in the eyes of the deepest lover, true love needs no poetry, gifts, favours or gratitude. It needs just that – true love! Unencumbered; universal…unconditional.

For instance, a mother’s love is unconditional. It is ever present even when at times it appears not to be. A child intrinsically knows that a mother will love him or her no matter what.

Yes, there are exceptions. Mothers have been known to forsake their love for their children. But thankfully, these are rare exceptions. For the most part, a Mom is forever a Mom; and the epitome of true love!

True love is without a singular language. It can not be defined and/or translated by a single prose. It is said that ‘the tidings of the deaf are felt by the blind’. But, how is that possible? Simply put, true love transcends everything!

The Spirituality Engine!

Side view of Asian young adult female with eyes closed.

What do you deem your biggest priority?

If your priority is your physique, then chances are high you will be in the best shape.

If your priority is wealth, then chances are good you will attract more wealth.

If your priority is family, then chances are greater you will have solid family relationships.

If your priority is service, then you‘re likely to increase your chances of attracting more opportunities to serve.

If your priority is knowledge and wisdom, then chances are you will gain more acumen and intellect.

However, when you give priority to your spirituality, you build the strongest foundation for abundance in all of the above – wealth, health, knowledge, family and service. Why? Because simply put, spirituality is the engine which revs your entire being in motion!


Roadmap to a Wow Life!

Spring summer background - rural road in  green grass field meadow scenery lanscape with blue sky

First – Articulate the Wow statement you would want to share with your Creator at the end of your life.

Second – Articulate what you want your close ones to share about your life at your eulogy.

Third – Articulate your holistic goals by aligning them with your above Wow statements.

Four – Execute your actions by aligning them with your holistic goals and evaluate your behavior accordingly.

Five: Detach from the outcome and treat your life journey as your destiny!

Genuine Understanding!

Two Children Having Breakfast In Kitchen Together

If you spend time and understand others by listening with your eyes, ears, heart, undivided attention and without judgment you will already be halfway there.

I did a presentation some time back for a cancer group. I started by saying: “If I say to you I know and understand your pain, I will be lying to you. The truth is I don’t. I do not have cancer and do not know how it feels to have cancer. So help me understand how you feel and what your biggest challenges are?

The group responded by expressing thoughts like:

“Why me?”

“I feel a loss of control.”

“I’m angry.”

“I’m afraid.”

These are real issues and no quick-fix solutions. I did my best to respond to them, but the fact that I took to the time to ask the question and be attentive to the group’s feelings was important. The participants felt their feelings were valued, so they responded well to the presentation.

The Destination is in the Journey!

Summer day in the national park Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile. Cliffs of Los Kuernos among the clouds

Some days you are on a treadmill, running faster and faster but appear to be in the same place. Other days, you are running and actually arriving at your destination.

Regardless, you will soon realize that unless you are savoring the journey, the destination alone will not be sufficient to fulfill you.

Life is a journey and the destination is also part of the journey! When you reach your destination, you will not stop and rot. You will create another wish, goal or destination. So begin to enjoy the ride and make all the difference you can because your destiny is in the journey!