Negative Effects of Ego

Some of the effects of negative ego include:

1. Weakens collaboration with others – Egotists can’t see beyond their own immediate interests. They overlook the benefits of interdependence and the synergy derived from diversity.

2. Diminishes authenticity – Egoists cannot be authentic, because of the incessant need to protect their image even at the expense of denial. Their fear prevents them from acknowledging and appreciating the gifts of others.

3. Creates a scarcity mindset – Egotism breeds insecurity and jealousy. The fear of losing out increases and others appear as burdens or competitors.

4. Builds barriers to learning – Ego is the latch on a closed mind. Egotists abhor any show of vulnerability and hence are closed to any new learning. Being unable to accept criticism, they cannot gain any insight. Without openness, people lose awareness of what reality is and end up making unreal choices.

5. Promotes fear and distrust. Egotists are always watching fearfully over their shoulders, worrying that someone might overtake them. They want constant attention, sympathy, and flattery and make unreasonable demands. This makes them overly competitive, a sore loser, and a perfectionist.

6. Encourage destructive behaviours. Recognizing and dropping this false ego means letting go of all that is deceptive or artificial about us, and reclaiming our true magnificence, our positive pride.

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