Simple Ideas!

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Children’s health in many developing economies is compromised because women are forced to join the workforce within months of giving birth which means children are deprived of their mother’s milk. Mothers’ milk is not only nature’s best food for babies, but also has a significant impact on their mental and physical development in adult life.

Often it’s the simple ideas that carry the most meaning and impact. My daughter, Sahar, is pitching the idea of an affordable breast pump for low-income markets that can have an exponential impact on maternal and newborn health. An idea like this could not only transform the lives of millions of children but also empower women to make better choices for their families. Empowered mothers mean empowered communities. This idea is one of 8 semi-finalists for the Common Bond Social Impact Award – the top 3 videos with the most votes will move into the finals to win a financial award towards developing the idea further. All votes need to be in before November 4th. I will be very grateful if you take 2 minutes to vote by clicking the button below or clicking on the following link:

Being Empowered!

Side view of Asian young adult female with eyes closed.

We are all different. Thus it is quite possible to get hurt by other people’s behavior and attitudes. This makes us disempowered because our life is controlled by others. 

The only time you need to worry is if you hurt others. Here, you are responsible. If others hurt you, they are responsible. How do you avoid the hurt? You are in charge of your thoughts, reactions, and responses. You are hurt by others to the extent of your thoughts, reactions, and responses. If you control your thoughts, reactions, and responses, you control your hurt.

This does not mean you are in denial of your behaviour. You want to be open and learn from guidance and recommendations from others, but not let others hurt you.


The Power of Ethics

Without principles, ethics and values life loses meaning. None of us is perfect but without a compass for truth, the external success is short-lived and does not give you lasting happiness.

The Corporate Sufi does strive for material abundance but not at the expense of principles, ethics and values.