Perfection vs Excellence

Excellence is striving for what you are capable of. Perfection is striving for what you are not capable of.

Excellence means you can always get better no matter where you are on your journey. Perfection means you can no longer get better.

Striving for Excellence uplifts you and invites positive stress. Striving for Perfection causes a lot of negative stress and makes you feel limited.

Excellence makes you focus on what is working and do more of that. Perfection makes you focus on what is not working and you end up attracting more of that.

Excellence is always possible. Perfection is always impossible!

Striving for excellence is a worthy goal. Perfection is for people who are dead and cannot make mistakes anymore.

On a Roll

You will find there are times when things are difficult for you and there are times when things seem to be going pretty smoothly.

When things are going well for you, capitalize on the momentum fully, instead of slacking off. You want to act promptly on opportunities, while favorable conditions exist. The Universe is giving you a sign that your time has arrived so signal back by responding with actions that display readiness and positivity.

Once you lose momentum, it is hard to pick up speed. So when you are on a roll, keep going with enthusiasm and energy!

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Power within

You have enormous power within. You can tap into your power within by making five commitments embodied in the word power as follows:

P – The Commitment of Power of giving – The more you give, the more you have!

O – The Commitment of Opening your Birth – Day (what you are born with) gift – Open your birth-day gift, shine your light & make a positive difference!

W – The Commitment of a Winning Attitude – Aim high to reach high! When you believe in yourself, the whole world believes in you!

E –The Commitment of Enlightened Persistence – Persist until you succeed and know when to exit if you are chasing the wrong goal.

R – The Commitment of Rejuvenation – You are in the glow, when you are in the flow! Let’s strive for balance and for being present!

Are you willing to make these 5 commitments? No commitments, no results! Without commitment, idle promises will dry up & blow away in the first wind storm!

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Effective Leadership

Effective leadership is one that draws from the strengths of others. It is about awakening what is half asleep inside people. This requires that we inspire people to discover their innate abilities.  In a corporate setting, such leadership is crucial to business success.  The ability to unleash people’s potential, to energize them to use their talent and to work towards a common goal is the master skill of a true leader.

Leadership is about making leaders of your followers. People learn best when they have to teach others, so it is about unleashing the spirit of empowerment and involvement. There is so much richness within each person to be discovered. Until it is discovered, it will forever be absent from the workplace. It is the role of effective leaders to nurture this richness.

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Inching to Excellence

Always aim to go that one inch farther whether as a parent, spouse, employer, employee, sibling, child or friend. Take that extra step and see what a big difference that single inch eventually makes.

An improvement of even a half-percent each day can do the job. And if you commit to doing this consistently for most of the week, you’ll find that your small successes – compounded over one year – will bring remarkable improvement.

Many people tend to go for expediency, and doing just enough to get by. They don’t realize that this is most often a shortcut to failure.

Going just that extra inch farther means giving more than is required. It also means going from who you are to all that you can be – at work, as well as in relationships with self, family, and community.

Go the extra inch and you will stand apart!

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Conviction, Action & Feelings!

Conviction comes when you believe that you have the absolute ability and resolve to accomplish what you are striving to achieve.

Action requires you to work on your goals every single day – ensuring that any and every step you take is aligned with your goals.

In addition to conviction and action, your behavior and feelings need to be congruent to the outcome you are expecting.

Everything about you needs to exude – to you and others around you -that the achievement of your goal is but a done deal!

So in summary, to achieve mastery one needs conviction, aligned action & congruent feelings!

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Your most productive day!

Have you truly observed your most productive day? What did it encompass? Can you fully re-live it every day or on most days? Or, at the least, are you able to replicate parts of what worked well that day?

The reality is that many of us do not know which day has been our most productive. And the few who do know have not closely observed what it is about the day that made it the most productive. This lack of examination makes such days difficult to replicate.

Now imagine you knew what is it that made your day the most productive. You can use the results of this observation to intelligently design more days like your best, or at least replicate parts of it on a daily basis. This small, but important attention detail, can significantly enhance your productivity!

By the way, quick tip – your most productive day is usually the day before you take off on your holiday! On this day, you have a sense of urgency; a tempo; a spring in your step, and you make decisions promptly!

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