Inching to Excellence

Always aim to go that one inch farther whether as a parent, spouse, employer, employee, sibling, child or friend. Take that extra step and see what a big difference that single inch eventually makes.

An improvement of even a half-percent each day can do the job. And if you commit to doing this consistently for most of the week, you’ll find that your small successes – compounded over one year – will bring remarkable improvement.

Many people tend to go for expediency, and doing just enough to get by. They don’t realize that this is most often a shortcut to failure.

Going just that extra inch farther means giving more than is required. It also means going from who you are to all that you can be – at work, as well as in relationships with self, family, and community.

Go the extra inch and you will stand apart!

One minute video from Azim

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