Commitment to Win!

Once you decide to commit to something, everything falls in line, whether in business or in life. The important thing is to decide. If you are wishy-washy with your decision, your energy will be diluted. A clear direction and an action plan set the wheels in motion. Not being decisive reflects uncertainty, lack of confidence and nervousness. When you send out uncertain vibes, you will receive uncertainty.

If you are wishy-washy with your decision, your results will be wishy-washy…neither here or there. Lack of commitment dilutes our focus and energy.

A clear direction and an action plan set the wheels in motion. Not being decisive reflects uncertainty, lack of confidence and nervousness. When you send out uncertain vibes, you will receive uncertainty.

A winning attitude is the belief that you can do it, no matter what. A winning attitude is a gift from the universe. We admire the glory of the stars, the warmth of the sun and the beauty of the changing seasons. These attributes spring from a universal benevolence. We, as humans, also have attributes bestowed upon us by a generous universe.


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And our goals are the edifice on which we create the tapestry of our life. Hence, choose your goals well, articulate them in detail and then begin your journey with a commitment to winning.

Worthwhile Goals

goal-wPersistence is the dogged determination you have to complete what you strive for—the “never say die” attitude. This is a powerful quality for success because most worthwhile endeavours are difficult to achieve.

Enlightened persistence, on the other hand, is the ability to differentiate between what is worth persisting in and what is wiser to desist from pursuing. Enlightened persistence forces you to revisit your goals.

Enlightenment is a strong word—it implies the goal you are chasing is larger than yourself and will make a difference. Here are two simple examples of what happens when you persist in the wrong things:

You are climbing a very tall tree to pick some fruit. However, eventually, when you get to the top, you find out that you do not like the fruit because you were climbing the wrong tree. Many people chase goals for many years and eventually get there only to wonder why they were chasing these goals.

You are planning to go from Vancouver to Seattle, to the south, but have a map tracing the route to Whistler, north of Vancouver. You will not get to Seattle no matter how fast you go or how much you persist or how positively you think. You need to change your direction to reach your destination.

If you are persisting just for fame, you may end up climbing the wrong tree and not enjoying the fruits you get, or going in the wrong direction and ending up in a different location than you’d hoped. There are many examples of people who were famous but unhappy. If you read the biographies of some famous people, you will see tales of regret, betrayal, addiction, unhappiness and even bankruptcy.

Be clear about your goals, articulate them well and also check how they will enrich your life once achieved. As Socrates puts it, “The unexamined life is not worth living.”


Happiness and Abundance Now!

Are you waiting to be happy? I have news for you – if you wait to be happy, you may wait a lifetime!

Happiness is not tomorrow or yesterday, it is today. If you lost everything you have, what would be willing to give, to get

it back? Cherish what you have, you are already rich.

Counting your blessings is the first step of inviting abundance and happiness. Look for one thing that is working for you,

focus on it and witness the positive energy it generates.

Finish the first job!

I met a client of mine today following up on a previous job after I had got paid. It was simply an after sales service with no extra payment required. As I kept offering more and more help with no expectation of extra payment, suddenly the client began offering me new work and new contract. I did not ask for the new work. All I did was I made sure I went the extra mile or two with the old job. Amazing!

A lesson for all of us: Never ask for another job from a client before finishing the first job to the utmost satisfaction of the client. If you satisfy the client totally with the first job, you will not have to ask for another job. The client will offer it to you!


Accountability begins with yourself. Do you make yourself accountable for what you said you will do? Do you set key priorities the night before and execute them the next day?

Once you have made yourself accountable, it is easier to make others accountable. Firstly, you have earned the credibility for practicing what you preach. Secondly, you understand what it takes to be accountable therefore your guidance will be more appropriate.

Taste of your own medicine!

When you are stuck with a problem, be it business or personal, ask yourself what advise will you give to someone who came to you with a similar problem?

Then follow your own advise and execute accordingly. Two things will happen. Either the advise will work like a gem or it will not work at all. If it works like a gem it is great! If it does not work at all, next time you will not give the wrong advise.

Getting in the zone

When you are “in the zone,” you are fully present and in tune with your deepest and biggest strength. You do the right thing, make the right move, and feel the right way. Feelings invite success. Your physiology affects your state. When you move energetically, you feel energetic. When you walk lethargically, you feel lethargic.

You become what you are doing, which is why workers in call centers are encouraged to smile when speaking on the phone. Their customers can hear the difference in their voices, even though they can’t see the smiles. You can change your state in a heartbeat by your movements and by inviting positive and upbeat feelings.

At times of extreme pressure, when there is a lot at stake, some people thrive and shine while others choke. Those who thrive and shine are the ones who are completely present and tapping into the signs they are getting at critical moments, signs that they intuitively trust and act upon.

Think of a basketball player going for a three-pointer with one second left before the buzzer. The crowd is shouting, the players are shouting, the coach is shouting. What is the basketball player going to do? Think of dinner that night? Or what his spouse said three years ago? Of course not. His mind, body and soul are all going to be 100 percent present for him to get the three points to win the game.

Imagine being present like the basketball player with your body, mind and spirit completely attentive. Can you imagine the power we can create with that kind of attention and energy? Most people are engrossed with past and future instead of the present, thus diffusing the energy and losing focus.