Set a Goal & Score!

I read a story about someone missing a meeting with the President at White House to watch his son’s final basketball game.

It so happened that his son made the last two point shot when their team were one point down to win the final. He later said that the experience of watching his son make the last two point winning shot was worth far more than meeting the President at the White House.

After reading this story, I was inspired to watch my son’s game even though I could only watch for the first five minutes as I had to pick up my wife Farzana from work.  As I reached the soccer ground the game was about to start so I shouted to my son: I am here! He gave me a thumbs up. Then I said that I can only watch the game for five minutes as I have to pick up Mom and he gave me a thumbs up again. Then I could not resist and said to him if he is planning to score a goal then he better do so in the first five minutes. He gave me another thumbs up!

Lo and behold he scored in the first five minutes. It was a screamer – he found the net from about 25 yards slipping the ball between two players and the bottom right corner. Wow!

How did that happen? He set a goal to score in the first five minutes and scored a goal in the first five minutes!

The moral of this story is: Set a goal to achieve a goal!

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