From "Me" to "Us"

Everyone is doing their best the way they know it. Everyone is fighting a battle of some sort, trying to overcome one challenge or another – whether it is doing a homework assignment, meeting their work targets, making their mark in a new job, looking for employment or overcoming loneliness in old age.

Our job is not to judge people and get frustrated by their behavior. Instead, we should appreciate that everyone is fighting a battle and to do all we can to make people’s lives easier, not harder!

Now, if our focus is too much on “me” then being frustrated by and judging others will be the outcome. However, if our focus is on “us” instead, then we will play a part in making a positive difference not only to others, but also to ourselves!

As Emerson wisely said,  “It is one of life’s most wonderful compensation that no man can help another without first helping himself.”

We cannot change what we did yesterday. However, we can certainly be better today.

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