Enjoy Your Coffee!

I am all for tracking – whether it is how spend your time, money or energy.

One of the things people talk about is how much money we waste and the compounded effect of that waste. For example the coffee you have at Starbucks compounded daily costs you a fortune especially if that money was put down in paying your debts – be it a house loan or credit card or any other debt. I agree that paying down debt is necessary and important and so is avoiding waste.

However, what is missing for me in the above equation is what that time having coffee does for you. For me, I create a lot of income while I am having the coffee. I attend to my client work, write blogs, do my financial planning, and create content for upcoming projects. All of these create far more income than the cost of the coffee. I know some of you will say, but can you not create this income without going to Starbucks for coffee? Maybe yes and maybe no. Yes, we have a house and office where I could work from, as I often do. However, for creative ideas you need to get away from your routine places. The library could be a place too. True, but if you enjoy your coffee then why deprive yourself? Why do you make money in the first place if you cannot spend it on things you enjoy?

Remember, that treating yourself once in a while is okay, if it helps you create and remain inspired.  When you are at your best, good things generate for you.  You don’t have to spend very much, or very often.  There are many ways of doing this that can work for everyone, no matter what your income.  Remember to take some time for yourself and do something that you love so that you can stay inspired.

How do you enjoy your coffee?

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