Unboxing Your Birth-Day Gift

One of the most profound pursuits you can undertake in your life is an inner search for your Purpose. It is by venturing within that you can unleash your truest talents into the world. However, I often get some unsure vibes whenever I challenge my students and clients to take this journey to un-boxing their Birth-Day Gift. Our most recent SPARK Masterclass sessions were no different. So, here is a poignant question posed by one of the participants, which will constitute the contents of this week’s short-and-sweet blog:

Q: How do I navigate my way to finding my birth-day gift and decide between several gifts I may feel I have been blessed with?

Among all beings born since the dawn of time, there has never been anyone like you – no one walks like you, talks like you, thinks like you! You are unique, you are special and you are very powerful! Searching, finding and sharing this gift is one of the essential fuel sources that help you ignite and sustain your SPARK. Hence, identifying and implementing your special gifts will drive your success and help you thrive in an impact environment built on significance.

Unboxing Your Birth-Day Gift

Here are a few pathways you can explore to help you untie the ribbon:

Meaningful Meditation: Meditation can be a powerful tool to help you discover your Birth-Day Gift because it allows you to quietly and attentively tune into your inner self to identify what truly illuminates all your passions.

Joyful Reflection: When going about your daily life, be cognizant of activities that make you lose track of time and bring you immense joy. These effortless activities are strong indicators of where your true gifts reside and rise.

Effort Examination: Think about your past efforts and achievements and identify areas where you instinctively knew what to do. This ability to inherently zone in on natural inclinations and talents is a big clue to an inner genius and fortitude.

Pattern Identification: Open your mind, heart and eyes to see recurring themes in the activities you undertake. Mainly, you are looking for patterns, sequences and experiences that bring you the most gratification and fulfilment. The revelation and possibilities you seek may lie in these types of occurrences.

Original Explorations: When searching for your gift, don’t be afraid to try new challenges, activities and hobbies. Your hidden strengths might be revealed in some of the most unfamiliar arenas and areas.

Self Assessments: Personality and aptitude tests can often highlight your strengths, natural competencies, and inclinations. Such tests are geared to helping you understand how you are wired.

Seek Feedback: You may also find some of the most honest and poignant answers by asking those in your inner circle – friends, family, and colleagues. Their insights on your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats can unlock the chest in which your true gifts are housed.

Conquering Confusion to Choose Your Most Valuable Gift

We are all born with many great qualities and gifts. Thus, it is common to feel confused about which of the bunch is the true Birth-Day Gift. This conundrum can often be exasperated by all the opinions we encounter. However, rest assured, that there are indeed some key gifts that will bring out your very best.

So how do you sift through this stack to choose which box to open?

Considering other opinions can be helpful, especially those that are closest to you. But, remember that no one knows you better than you! As Lao Tzu wisely said, “To know others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment.” Be confident in your ability to understand your true nature because your gift is deeply personal and should be defined by your own introspections, interactions, and intuitions. 

In the end, if you still find yourself wrestling with several potential gifts, ask which gift aligns best with your:

  1. Ultimate Personal Credo (UPC) – elevates your core values, strengths, and passions
  2. Affirmation Attraction (AA) – the affirmation of the identity you want to create for yourself 

The most aligned of your gifts will guide you to delivering the most natural, authentic and productive contributions to yourself and society at large.

In conclusion, finding your Birth-Day Gift is a self-discovery fuelled by your passion to hone in on your most naturally borne abilities, capabilities and specialities. 

Invest in finding and opening your Birth-Day Gift because with it open, your transformation from your current self to your best self. The world is ready to see, hear and witness your gift. Start by sharing your discoveries here in the comments section below. 

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