Secret Sauce: Pour a Little More into Your Service

Our Masterclass Student Q&A Series continues this week, and the question I will tackle is:

Q: In the Service Module you teach about the benefits of infusing your Secret Sauce into all aspects of your life. Can you elaborate on what exactly is the Secret Sauce?

To use a simple analogy, think about what you do to give your food that extra kick of taste. You add a touch of your favourite sauce or spice, correct?

In the case of our lives, the ‘Sauce’ I recommend is not Tabasco or Sriracha or any other flavouring, but rather I am advising to always add a little extra to whatever you take on.

A little extra of what? A little extra of yourself; of your talents, your gift, time, effort, etc. Anything that can separate you from achieving mediocre versus brilliant outcomes. This is where the ‘Secret’ in Secret Sauce comes in. It is your X Factor or whatever your hidden powers, abilities or resources are that you can bring to the fore to enhance the service you provide.

When you decide to go above and beyond, you set yourself apart from others who may be doing the bare minimum. That little extra is often the difference that will elevate you from mediocrity into true excellence.

Overcoming Time Barriers to Give More

You may wonder, with my extremely busy and demanding life, how can I manage giving even more without stretching myself too thin?

This is a very valid concern. However, the beauty of giving a little extra is it doesn’t have to be a grand endeavour or gesture. Small, but consistent, efforts can lead to significant advancements over time. Applying the Secret Sauce to life is akin to having a food sauce with a delayed burst of heat or flavour – it hits you a few seconds after your initial bite – but the effect is always there! 

Going the extra mile can also often be a time-saving technique where the above-and-beyond actions you take today pay off in the long run due to the impact you make. And any significant impression made often becomes memorable. 

In practical terms, if you were to meticulously summarize meeting points at their inception, they are likely to simplify any and all to-do’s and follow-up meetings because the notes you took are fresh and detailed.

The key is to focus on less, but do more with it. It’s not about how many tasks you get involved in, but about choosing the most important ones and executing them extraordinarily well. 

Balance is Key to Extra Effort

Extra effort requires dedication. A commitment of time, energy and focus. But how do you find these additional resources? By re-evaluating how and where you are spending them.

Some resources can be found with very little sacrifice. For instance, many of us waste too much time and energy on unimportant tasks and distractions like email, social media, binging on TV shows or even shopping for unneeded items. While these activities might bring surface pleasures or relief from boredom, they can also dilute your energy and leave you exhausted. 

To be extraordinary, you must choose to focus on the highest-quality tasks and pursuits which align with your Ultimate Purpose Credo. It also requires a balanced approach to avoid burnout. So, find your equilibrium by assessing your input-output, risk-reward and ultimately your impact on all aspects of life. This constant evaluation will eventually help you to harmonize your ability to deliver more.

Avoid Exploitation of Your Time and Talent

If and when you find people expect and demand more from you, it likely signifies you have something valuable to offer. But, always try and focus on aligning your efforts to your highest priorities connected to your purpose. This will help you be squarely focused on tasks that best serve your purpose.

On the other hand, going the extra mile can also never go to waste. It always enhances your credibility and attracts opportunity. For example, putting in extra effort boosts your ability to reveal gaps and spaces for improvement where you can advance your efforts and progress your goals. It’s within the closure of these gaps where time is released. Once plugged, time is more abundant and available for other important aspects of life. So, in providing more, you gain more. 

In choosing to do a little bit extra in even one area, you set off a chain reaction that benefits all aspects of your life. 

If practised consistently, making the extra effort can become natural and help you cultivate a habit of excellence. 

So, pour your Secret Sauce onto everything you do, and witness how you transform the taste of life from ordinary to extraordinary; and how your short-term gains turn into lasting impact!

Please share your Secret Sauce stories in the comments section below. I look forward to hearing how you tapped into your individuality, originality and creativity to add value to your service. As always, if you have any questions about this blog or any other, feel free to pose them below also.

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