Creating Your Identity and Attraction Affirmation

This week we continue our Masterclass Student Q&A series by addressing the following question asked by a participant:

How do I create my Identity and Attraction Affirmation?

This is an important question to ask. 

To begin this process, ask what kind of identity would lead you to living out your Ultimate Purpose Credo (UPC) and to optimize your Birth-day Gift? We have covered both these aspects in previous posts (see links provided). 

In addition, ask these two questions:

Q1. If you could do anything in your life and nothing could stop you from becoming amazingly successful, what would you dare to do? 

Q2. More importantly, beyond accomplishments, what kind of person do you want to be on the way to, and after realizing all your aspirations?

Here’s why it is important to address each question above:

Q1. Knowing the course or path you want to navigate to realize your full potential and aligning with your purpose is essential to creating your identity.

Q2. Finding and staying connected to your truest self awakens your self-worth, which in turn helps you become a credible and reliable contributor to society.

After completing the exercise above you should have a better idea of what drives you – internally and externally. Now, you are ready to navigate your life with some assurance that you are taking the authentic approach. 

But before you move to the next phase of cementing your uniqueness, let us touch on how an Attraction Affirmation can be a valuable tool in developing, declaring and deploying your identity. 

What is an Attraction Affirmation? It is a recitable rally cry that empowers your whole being to manifest and attract the person you want to be. When instilled as a powerful ritual, it sharpens your focus, aligns your energies, and propels you towards the achievement of your aspirations.

How do you develop this rally cry? Begin by identifying who you want to ideally become and the life you ideally want to live. Keep it positive; be specific, but succinct; and align your declarations with inspiring, uplifting and energizing goals.

The following 3 steps will help you create your identity, as well as a powerful Attraction Affirmation:

Step 1 – Define Your Vision

First define what you want on a deeply personal level. Remember, it’s not just about achieving milestones or acquiring wealth, but about living your truth, and aspiring for an aligned ultimate purpose that optimizes your potential.


  • Take a moment to reflect on all your passions and aspirations (dream big) 
  • Identify the path that resonates most within the soul and fuels your sense of purpose (meditate on it)
  • Craft a clear vision and put it into writing (convert your positive energy into actionable goals)

When it comes to affirmations, consistency is key. Hence, create statements/declarations that are easy to recall and affirm throughout the day.

Step 2 – Declare Your Future

Next, affirm your vision with unwavering intensity, clarity and passion. 

An affirmed vision transcends mere positive thinking. It becomes a universal declaration of who you want to be. With an absolute certainty and alignment of thought, emotion and action, you can seamlessly manifest the reality you seek. This deliberate, declarative practice has the power to transform aspirations into tangible outcomes that guide your journey toward success AND significance.


  • Repeat your affirmation with deep feeling and belief every morning (upon waking) and night (before bed)
  • Consistently visualize yourself living your dream life (do not waver)
  • Commit to embodying the traits and behaviours of the person you aspire to become (stay steadfast regardless of shortcomings)

The goal of this practice is to elevate beyond the words you affirm and into a transformation mindset that embraces the identity you want to establish in all aspects of your life.

Step 3 – Manifest Your Reality

With your vision defined, and future declared, the universe is ready to conspire to see you through to your destination. With your clarity of vision and conviction of purpose, the universe will naturally cooperate by helping you attract circumstances, opportunities and people who align with your goals.


  • Proceed along your path with persistence and dedication (be resilient through it all)
  • Think and act as if you have already achieved your goals (be committed to your drive and purpose)
  • Dress, behave, and interact with others as if you are the person you aspire to become (embody the traits of your future self)

This final step is about having the courage to ‘walk the walk’ by believing in yourself and always continuing to take forward strides despite obstacles.

In summary, to authentically assert your identity in all facets of your life – 

Step 1: Dare to dream big (Visualize)

Step 2: Commit to consistently affirming a veritable path (Futurize)

Step 3: Embody the traits of your aspirational self every day (Realize)

In this way, you will align yourself with the Universe, which is key to manifesting your calling and living out your purpose.

As you dream, affirm and live out your identity, please share your experiences with us, and feel free to ask any questions that may come up from time to time in the comments section below. We look forward to being part of your journey to achieving a life of success, significance and impact!

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