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As Natural as Breathing!

Side view of an Asian woman in a Yoga pose on Maui Hawaii beach with the ocean in the background. Vertical shot.

Good habits are hard to formThey take time, energy, discipline and they require a persistent effort until mastered. Thus, it is important to have a core understanding and acceptance as to ‘why’ you want to form these habits in the first place. If the why is not strong enough, then ‘how’ will not happen. Henry Ford once said: “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goals.”

As with any discipline, the most difficult part is to get started. The next challenge is keeping the practice going, especially when things get harder. For example – after my early morning meditation, I take brisk walks regularly around 5:30 AM. However, many of these days are dark, cold and rainy when I am in Canada – making it difficult to keep going. But somehow I found a way to overcome these periodic trials and tribulations. Now fully formed, my morning walk is a habit like brushing my teeth; driving in cruise control, or dare I say – as natural as breathing!


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