“How Can I Make True Impact in the World?” If you’re asking this question and aren’t sure where to begin, your journey to significance begins here!

How to live in day-tight compartments?

Begin your day by asking yourself “Can I do it today?” Once you have done it today, you have
won the day. Tomorrow, ask the same question and then do it again! If you are unable to do it,
don’t beat yourself up. Simply start afresh the next day. Slowly you will begin to build

Break your goals down into small, immediate, and hourly tasks – Consistency is the daily practice
of small steps that add up to a big goal.
Hyperfocus on one task – Hyperfocus on one task that will bring you closer to your goals.

Switch your timer on, and disconnect all distractions for at least one hour of solid, good work. If
you find it difficult to focus for one hour, train your brain to hyperfocus for a short period of
time, starting with 10 minutes.

Strip your mind each night – Declutter your mind of the day’s worries, opinions and anything
that is weighing you down to relax and restore. This will help you reset for your next day-tight
compartment day with a fresh, new intention.

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