“How Can I Make True Impact in the World?” If you’re asking this question and aren’t sure where to begin, your journey to significance begins here!

5 Steps to Align Your Spiritual & Professional Life


  1. Let your values be your filter 

Write down your 3-5 highest values. When you find it difficult to make a decision, ask yourself, “What really matters to me in this situation? Does this act align with my highest values” Then, choose the action that aligns your actions with your highest values.

  1. Release Resistance 

Whenever you feel frustrated with a particular situation, dig deep. You will probably find that it is your resistance that is creating suffering. Resistance is an inability to accept what already is. When the mind is consumed in opposition, you flood your body with stress hormones, limit your thinking, and narrow your perspective. However, when you accept the present moment exactly as it is, you free your energy to examine different perspectives and choose the best response to help resolve that situation.

  1. Remember that your response is always your choice

Whatever the situation, your words, and actions are always your choice. Taking a pause before reacting allows you enough mental space to choose your response.

  1. Re-energize with meditation

Meditation is your opportunity to take a pause from simply doing and take the time to relax with “being”. There is nothing to prove and nothing to accomplish in meditation except being a silent witness to all that happens within you. With regular meditation practice, you will experience a wonderful clarity permeating and transforming all that you do.

  1. Acknowledge kindness and beauty 

Our soul is nourished with beauty and kindness. Be grateful for these glimpses of beauty and kindness – whether you find it in a child’s smile, your morning coffee, the curl of a new leaf, a kind stranger, a glorious sunrise, or even a clean workspace. Express your gratitude wherever you see beauty and kindness.

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  1. My take away message “Express your gratitude wherever you see beauty and kindness” . No matter our busy schedule, the life style etc….! .I should always acknowledge the beauty and kindness whenever I see it….! Thank you for this reminder…

  2. Dear Azim,

    These are simple and easy to implement recommendations, thank you for bringing it to our attention again, and making it possible to have happiness, harmony and peace.

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