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7 Signs You Are Resilient

1. You practice accountability for self 

Do you take full responsibility and accountability for your actions? Accepting responsibility for your decisions and actions is the first step to feeling empowered to create a life of your choosing.

2. You maintain healthy boundaries

While it’s important to both give and receive, you have to give without feeling overwhelmed, overextended or burned out.

3. You practice daily self-care to boost your resilience

Your daily diet, exercise, self-reflection time, mindful practice, and sleep are your primary tools of self-care. Devoting adequate time and attention to these tools can help you grow a strong mind and body, enabling you to boost your resilience. For example, a daily self-reflection practice can help you gain awareness about a particular situation as well as about your behaviour, skills, flaws, emotions, thoughts, and perspectives, thus enabling you to respond with intelligent awareness instead of stubbornness.

4. You do not dwell on negative experiences

We all have faced incidents in our past that have disappointed, shocked, or traumatized us.

However,  resilient people accept their past just as they accept their flaws and use that knowledge to propel forward with renewed insight, purpose, and enthusiasm.

5. You Are Comfortable With Uncertainty

Life is filled with uncertainty. Years of careful planning and analysis can fall flat in the face of change. A resilient person accepts the innate uncertainty of life and is ready to embrace change to look out for the greater possibilities it presents.

6. You’re not afraid to ask for help

Resilient people understand that it can be an act of self-sabotage to assume they can do it all without any help. They spend time and energy cultivating a trusted network of people whom they can depend on during troubled times.

7. You don’t compare yourself to others

Everyone has their own hidden trauma, challenges, and insecurities, irrespective of how they might appear on social media or in the external world. Constantly comparing yourself to others not only distracts and slows you down but also erodes your self-worth, which is the bedrock of resilience.

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