“Steve picked up the fallen envelope and slipped it inside his shirt. He brushed the mud off his clothes, discovering that his pocket had been ripped off in the struggle. He lifted one leg out of his Armani loafers, which were now squishy with rainwater, to make sure that his foot hadn’t been injured, that he could still walk.

As he went to check the time, he was painfully reminded they had taken the Rolex, as well.

The moon began to peek out from a pool of clouds, flooding the field in a wash of silver, illuminating the only possession he had left—the manila envelope.

Steve started walking, shuddering every time his expensive loafers squished in the rain puddles.

After an hour of walking aimlessly down a desolate road, Steve tried to think about the situation the way his mother would. There was a silver lining. Things could have gone much worse. Those men could have killed him or pushed him out of the running car. At least he had his life.

But what kind of life was this, exactly? What meaning had he infused it with or even extracted from it? Was it merely one that confined him to producing big wins for his clients and collecting a few fancy possessions along the way? If he had gotten killed back there, how many people would truly miss him?”

The above excerpt from our book, “Spark: Journey from Success to Significance”, serves as a poignant reminder that moments of profound challenge or crisis also often provide the most fertile ground for soul-searching, self-discovery, for contemplating the true essence of our existence.

What meaning do you infuse into your daily existence? Are you living a meaningful life?

Are your actions merely centered around material gains, or do they resonate with your personal calling or deeper purpose?

What significance do your actions hold? How would your absence truly affect those around you?

Would recounting your life in your last moments bring you contentment and peace?

And finally, what legacy do you wish to leave behind?

We invite you to join this conversation and share your thoughts on what insight or learning your biggest life crisis has brought to light.

(Adapted from the book, “Spark: Journey from Success to Significance” by Azim Jamal)

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