There are many different paths to the same truth

The ways to go are as many as the breaths of human beings. – Sufi saying 

All of creation has its own special relationship with the creator. Divinity is not confined to one religion or belief. It speaks through all belief systems and paradigms, manifesting itself in ways appropriate to the seeker. There are many ways to get to the truth – but the truth is one. It is like many people climbing the same mountain along different paths – through appearing different, the peak remains the same.

Similarly there are many different strategies that can be employed to realize the corporate vision, but the vision must be one. 

People within a group have many different strengths. If we are leaders of a team or corporation, we tap into these different strengths. One way to do this is to allow people some flexibility of approach to their responsibilities – as long as they are getting the company to its goal. In other word the approach is goal based, as opposed to being strategy-based. If every team member were the same, there would be less creativity. The corporation must bank on unique strengths of its team members. Sufis recognise the importance of diversity of both people, and ideas. Diversity breeds strength, not weakness. 

Lily Chieng, Executive Director of Cheng Hsong Holding in Hong Kong ensured that her staff felt that they were contributing to the company’s progress. She encouraged her employees not just to come to her with problems, but also to suggest solutions. If the solutions were feasible, she would allow employees to implement them, thus creating urgency and motivation within the company.

The effective leader plays the role of promoting unity, and ensures that everyone in the company sees the full picture and interconnectedness of their work .


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