Shine your light

You are born with an inner light that reflects the true radiance of your being. This is the light of the ‘authentic you’. The unique, precious, special you. It shines brighter whenever you are authentic to yourself, to your life purpose, to your innate gift. 

Authenticity is something so natural yet so difficult. As children, this light of authenticity is fairly evident. It shines through the twinkle of a child ‘s eye, in his laughter, his natural exuberance for life. 

But with time, this light starts getting clouded with prejudices, beliefs, conditionings, and pursuit of false trappings, brought upon by parents, teachers, and society. 

You forget the real purpose of why you are here and what you need to accomplish. Meditation is one powerful vehicle to connect to your inner self. Through this practice you gradually gain insight into your innate gifts. Keeping a daily journal also heightens your awareness and brings clarity about who you are, not who you think you are. Looking back from your deathbed also puts things in perspective and attracts attention to your purpose in life and the accompanying gift you were born with.

Finally the cause that excites you the most will give you an indication of what you are passionate and care about. By observing what makes you come alive, you will do more of these tasks, thereby becoming more energetic and productive. 

By being clear about what you aspire to be, it becomes easier to invite and attract the right circumstances to lead you an inspired and authentic life. 

I come alive when I get to speak to an excited audience, and when I get to write everyday. How about you?






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