Sufi Awareness: differentiating reality from illusion

For a Sufi, awareness means being aware of the presence of the divine in everything around us. 

For a Sufi, divinity is in the bark of a dog, in the buzz of a bee, in the silence of a tree, in the stillness of a log, in the colours of a flower, in the singing of a bird, in the smile of a child, in the hug of a mother.  Everything is a signpost of the oneness and wholeness of divinity.

Awareness, for a Sufi, is what differentiates reality from illusion.  The Sufi understands that the whole universe, including the life of a human being, is fleeting and transient – whether you live to be 50, 70, or 100 years old.  

Human beings come and go, billions have died before us, and billions will die after us.  So, whatever material possessions, shiny baubles and other “stuff” we are gathering in this world are merely impermanent distractions and cannot offer lasting happiness.  

The perceived satisfaction from such collecting is not real.  It will evaporate.  It is an illusion. 

A Sufi’s awareness is an awareness at the deepest level – a real perspective of life  — and an acceptance of the human being’s very minor positioning in the greater plan. 

The Sufi is aware that abundance is created through giving, not through collecting.  By giving wholeheartedly, without expectation of compensation or gain, the Sufi emulates the giving of divinity and experiences the power of giving – rejoicing in the significance and life satisfaction. 

But the awareness of the divine doesn’t mean the Sufi is absolved of responsibility!  Far from it!  The Sufi accepts total responsibility – looking outward at nature for inspiration and turning inward through meditation and reflection for strength, resolve, and solutions. 

Sufi awareness – of divinity, reality of time, power of giving – when synergized with the drive and energy of corporate awareness, brings forth the Corporate Sufi – harmonizing business, balance and beyond.


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