7 Steps to gain instant Energy

  1. Meditate– Meditate at least 15 minutes everyday. Meditation can help to tap into the hidden reserves of your power and sift through the thought clutter to face the real problems squarely. 
  2. Exercise at least 15-20 minutes everyday – Besides enhancing your wellbeing, physical activity also releases endorphins to pep up your state of mind for the day ahead.
  3. Read something uplifting every day – We get bogged down in our daily tasks and start losing sight of the big picture. The mind gets caught in a swirl of activity, making you feel overwhelmed and stressed. Reading something inspiring helps to clarify and strengthen your purpose, as well as re-infuse passion in your day. Plus reading is one of the best ways to meet great minds and learn from them. 
  4. Eat Nuts and keep yourself well hydrated – Nuts are a good clean storehouse of energy, while water helps your system to detox. Both are potent fatigue fighters. So instead of gunning for that packet of chips, reach out for a handful of raw almonds.
  5. Prioritize your tasks everyday – Before you sleep every night, spend at least 10 minutes to plan your three most important tasks for the next day. And begin your next day with those tasks. Completing your most important tasks early in the day will fuel your optimism and energy for the rest of the day. 
  6. Make somebody’s day – Creating joy has a cascading effect. It affects not only the recipient and the giver, but also the watcher and the energy field around that place. So it’s a win-win affair for the whole existence and most importantly you. 
  7. Take a break – Take a 10-minute break every 2 hours. Stretch your limbs, go for a power jaunt around the office or have a cup of green tea. The human brain is wired to pay attention for only 1.5 hours at a stretch. Sitting beyond that time gradually lowers your attention curve, reducing your overall productivity. A small break can rev up your engines and also provide a whole new perspective or angle to your task.

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