Corporate Awareness: The Precursor to Success

We know that the greatest successes in business come when we meet the needs of others.  This is true in every sector, in every industry.  We can admire the likes of Bill Gates, Henry Ford, JP Morgan, Estee Lauder, Ratan Naval Tata, Walt Disney, J.W. Mariott, Sam Walton, Azim H. Premji, Charles Goodyear, Jack Dorsey, and more. 

What do they all have in common? 

Their unwavering force and driving desire is to meet needs – fix problems and make things better. And awareness is the precursor. .. the kernel from which needs are revealed … the root from which the center of focus is developed.

In a corporate world, without awareness, our vision is limited:  we see without really observing.  Without awareness, we remain in a bubble, oblivious to the changes around us.  Unable to recognize real needs waiting to be met, lack of awareness also hampers the ability to adequately recognize shortcomings or, indeed, capitalize on strengths. 

Developing awareness in a corporate setting requires, amongst other things, effective goal setting.  Beginning with identifying challenges, the defining and crystallization of goals enables focus and accountability.  Internalizing these goals and having a plan to achieve them keeps us alert and, most importantly, aware – aware and vigilant in ensuring we are operating in ways which are aligned to our vision — aware of potential pitfalls and deviations from our mission —  aware, at a deeper level, of what’s really going on. 

This awareness then enables us to sift through the clutter, zero in on root causes and not just symptoms, face the real problems and challenges squarely, and achieve optimum results. 

Corporate awareness brings to the forefront energy, focus and transparency which, when harmonized with an understanding of balance and beyond, and blended with acceptance of the finiteness of time and importance of giving back, leads to sustainability and a deeper sense of success  — leads to the emergence of the Corporate Sufi.

So start your Monday today, by deciding to approach everything that you encounter with a relaxed, quiet and alert awareness & witness the possibilities emerge. 

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