Special Day!

Every day is a special day. At the beginning of each day, we get an opportunity to draw a new picture of our life.

Every first of the month is extra special. At the beginning of each new month, we get an opportunity to start a new day, a new month, and a new life.

Today is a day of immense gratitude for me because it is my Mom’s fourth birthday since she passed away and a reminder to me of the powerful inspiration she was in my life.

Yesterday I spoke for a YPO group across Africa. Today I speak for a diverse community group across Africa. My Mom who was born in Africa would be proud to see me do that.

You can travel the world many times over but there will only be one mother in your life. If your mother is still alive cherish her for her love is unmatched.

Mom is and will always absolutely be the best word in the English dictionary!

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