Here are some ways that will help you to be authentic:

1) Accept and realize that imperfection is perfection – shortcomings are part of who you are which makes you powerful because you resonate with others, can relate with others, help them based on what you’ve realized and learned from shortcomings, otherwise it’s too good to be true

2) Like yourself more as a person (the positive and negative) to gain confidence in expressing yourself because you know you have something to offer.

3) Live a life of integrity and honesty because that allows you to feel good about who you are.

4) Don’t be afraid to shine your light and know it’s good enough and inspire others to shine their light.

5) To be authentic you need to admit to mistakes and apologize as required because this builds trust vs. defensiveness.

6) Being different is good.  USP comes from being different and unique, not conforming or being like everyone else.

7) Speak up: about what you mean in a staff meeting, ask a question (that you may be afraid to ask).  Don’t worry about what others think (say it nicely, but speak your truth).

8) Shakespeare: To thine own self be true.  When you’re true to yourself, then you’re true to others, since it’s an inside out approach.

9) Be vulnerable, get out of your comfort zone, and ask for help if need be.

10) The time is always right to do the right things.

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