The Power of Journaling!

While the Covid-19 pandemic has left us feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about the future, there is no better time to re-examine and re-energize the values and goals that unite us as one planet.

As we settle into this new paradigm of isolation and working from home, we now have the opportunity to delve deeper within ourselves to explore our hidden reserves of strength and wisdom.

One way to manage our state of overwhelm is to write down the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that amplify this state. You have probably heard about journal writing many times before and even actually tried journaling but have not been consistent in this exercise.

Writing creates clarity and moves you towards the reality of your life.

Most people think they know what’s going on with their time, focus and feelings. However, most are way out. Writing a journal of your feelings can not only help you analyze difficult events but also compose a more rational and empowering narrative about your experiences.

The other benefits of Journaling include:

  • Allows you to reflect on how you are doing with your goals. 
  • A place to express your ideas and your insights
  • Connection with your deeper self
  • Boost your immunity according to research 
  • Makes you more self-aware

Try to record where your time for a week and you will be shocked how much time gets wasted. Record your focus or lack thereof and you will get a rude awakening of your lack of focus on your core priorities. And when it comes to feelings, you may be burying your deep feelings because you don’t want others to know who you really are but in the process, you are also unable to know yourself! 

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