SPARK Success and Be Your Best Self in 2024! 

Success as we define it today can often be cyclical with highs and lows. Yet we are often told that if we can attain some type of sustainable success on the X-Axis or straight line then we have achieved some type of continuity. However, we all know well that success is never a straight line. 

But, what if I told you there is a way to SPARK Success, not on the X-Axis, but throughout the top arc of the cycle of success. You can do this sustainably and with minimal risk of falling into the bottom half where the lows come. I call this the SPARK Arc, and here’s what it looks like in the attached pic.

The SPARK Arc on the success cycle where working and living with significance and impact optimizes best results.

As most of my clients, readers and followers already know, the concept of SPARK flows through 5 key elements – Service, Purpose, Attraction, Resilience and Knowing. All of which, if synthesized correctly, fuse together to help you fluidly flow in a state of heightened awareness and action. A concept I share in depth in my book, SPARK: Journey from Success to Significance, as well as through many posts on this blog, as well as many videos and podcasts.

The main points I’d like to share with you today when it comes to sparking success on the SPARK Arc are the following:

  1. SERVICE: We are all born to serve. This is our Everyday Birth-day Gift. Infusing this element first and formidably into your success formula will be the catalyst to your sustainability in the top half of the success cycle. We all know this to be true when we serve our families, friends, colleagues, customers and communities because without a give there can be no take.
  2. PURPOSE: Truly understanding your life’s purpose will drive your every desire which will ultimately help you find true success. I call this your Ultimate Purpose Credo (or your personal UPC). This UPC becomes the barcode you scan every step of the way to achieving your goals and creating congruence in your life. 
  3. ATTRACTION: For a magnet to pull in the item it wants to attach itself to, it first has to have a powerful enough magnetic field pointed in the right direction. The same goes for life. We attract what we are. But often, in pursuit of success, we find ourselves stuck in an activity trap being busy without a way out. Instead, if you aim for Activity Impact you become deliberate in where you invest your time and energy, aligning to the identity of who you want to become. With the relevance of artificial intelligence in our lives we should not relegate the importance of this AI or Activity Impact in our deliberate actions. 
  4. RESILIENCE: Any worthwhile pursuit in life requires patience, toughness and elasticity. When you look at challenges, hurdles, and obstacles as a blessing you welcome them. You become ‘inverse paranoid’. In simple terms, a person who is paranoid is regarded as someone who thinks the world is out there to do them harm. An inverse paranoid on the other hand is someone who thinks that the world is out there to do them good! You then turn your minuses into pluses and bounce back bigger and stronger. 
  5. KNOWING: In a world obsessed with data and analytics, the knowledge we acquire and proliferate can become too reliant on this. The element of Knowing allows you to tap into your inner self through meditation and trusting your gut feeling which carries insights, wisdom and deep knowing. 

With your birth-day gift opened, your UPC as the catalyst, your AI driving deliberate action, your inverse paranoid mentality approach and inner knowing as your guide, you have redefined success. Success that is centered on Significance and Impact!

So, if you are ready to elevate your personal and professional life and be your best self in 2024, I am ready to share further secrets and strategies that you can seamlessly implement into your day-to-day life. Come join us at my absolutely FREE webinar on Ignite Your SPARK: Lead with Significance and Impact. Just click the link, submit the easy-to-fill form, and in seconds you have taken a profound step to sparking your success the Corporate Sufi Way. 

Lastly, before we dive in on February 28th, here’s a quick self-assessment you can do to see where you stand in the realm of SPARK Success: SPARK MEASUREMENT SURVEY  

Now, imagine moving the needle 1 to 3 points (10 to 30%) in each one of these areas?. Improve your work, finances, lifelong learning, spirituality, family relationships, health, and self-identity. If you are serious about redefining your success and making the change, 2024 is your year for this transformation! 

Begin your journey at my free webinar. Don’t delay, join today. I hope to see you all there!


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