Listen Without Judgement

Coming or jumping to conclusions is easy. However, listening without judgement and giving people the benefit of doubt is difficult.

Today, I almost lost my cool with my mum for not calling me to tell me that she had a ride, making me go all the way to pick her up unnecessarily. However, something stopped me from getting carried away on the bandwagon of anger even though I started from that tone.

Once I began listening to her, I found out that she intended to phone me from home but she was stuck outside the house for half hour and could not open the house door. That explained why she could not call me in time. Also, it made me more empathetic to her, that she was stuck outside in the dark for half hour scared that someone might see her and hurt her. When we listen and refrain from judgment our paradigm changes.

Next time you want to jump to conclusion, stop to listen without judgment first. There is often much more to the story than meets the eye.

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