How can I train myself to think abundance when I see so much competition and scarcity around me?

The universe is an energy field of potentiality. Anything that you can imagine or concieve of, is already present, including abundance and the lack of it. And energy always finds a similar vibrational level. So whatever you put out in the universe, you attract in your life. If you focus on lack, that’s what you will continue to attract in your life.

So start paying attention to your dominant thoughts and consciously choosing life affirmative positive thoughts. But that does not mean that you have to start lying to yourself.

The only thing required is a persistent shift in perspective. Because at any given moment, both abundance and lack exist simulatneously.

For example, when you see yourself thinking about money, you can either choose to focus on the bills which are lying unpaid or the pleasure you feel, when your salary is regularly credited to your account. Cultivating an attitude of focusing on your blessings is a choice we can make and attract more abundance and fulfillment in our life.


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