Being happy now

Some people sabotage their happiness. When things are going very well for them, they find a way to create a problem so they can be unhappy. They feel that they do not deserve to be happy. When they go back to their unhappy ways, they blame others for it. It could an issue of lack of self esteem, low confidence or conditioning. It is hard to help these people because often, they do not want to receive the help.

This situation can arise at work or home. In both cases cutting the ties will not be easy. If you can build trust with the individual and inspire them to be objective, then both of you will benefit.

In many situations that might not be the case.  It becomes necessary then, to cut your ties.  If this is difficult to do, it is best to remove yourself personally from the situation and understand that those behaviours are not aimed at you.

It is not about you, it is about them and what they need to do. Remember other people’s opinion is not your problem and your opinion is not other people’s problem! Only you can make you happy!

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