Striving for Harmony between Business, Balance & Beyond

Leaders that I have met throughout the world are seeking continuous improvement in their business, striving for the elusive balance between work and personal life, and searching for a deeper meaning and purpose to help them achieve happiness.

They are thus looking for the harmony between Business, Balance & Beyond.

In my view, the starting point is to begin with “Beyond”. This means defining what is it all about. Why business? Why this particular business? What if I became very rich, what will change? Who am I? At the end of my life when I look back what will make me proud of my life? These are questions that define who you are, what you want and why you want what you want. When you have this clarity and live your life aligned to this clarity, you experience congruence and harmony.

I have created a 90 day personal score card where you set goals in six areas of your life just for the next 90 days. They include Spirituality (Beyond), Family, Health, Life long learning (Balance), Work/Career, Finance (Business). Why 90 days?

When you have very long terms goals you tend to take it easy. When you have very short term goals you seem to get into urgency and fire fighting mode. 90 days is a good period but you have to align the 90 day goals to your long term goals and break them down into monthly and weekly mini goals to create harmony.

Feel free to create your own methods that work for you. Wisdom has to be practical and work for you for it to have impact in your life.

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