Being a Corporate Sufi

For me, Sufism is a way of life. It is about embracing life in all its wondrous entirety and being present to each moment, wholly and joyfully.

As a Sufi, being aware is an understanding that the world around us, including each one of us, is an expression of the divine. Once you understand this, then you don’t feel separate from the whole and the duality drops. Then all of existence is wondrous and compassionate.

But in our rush to realize certain aspirations, many of us have forsaken or repressed aspects of our life, be it work, family, friends or hobbies. And as you start to repress, you start losing contact with your essence, your soul. The Sufi Mystic Rumi, said, “When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” 

Sufism is a call to that river in each one of us. Unless we embrace our lives and all its aspects wholeheartedly and without judgment, the flow will always feel restricted and stagnant.  

When I talk of the Corporate Sufi, I refer to an individual who is interested in the essence of life and not the form. Somebody who is rooted in the power of his own self and allows his ethics, values and integrity to guide his path.

Somebody who believes in the power of giving and living in the moment. He knows that all that he offers to the world, he offers to himself. So there is a Corporate Sufi within each one of us.


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