Are you playing small?

After the general manager gave me a wonderful tour of Wild Wadi Waterpark, Chris Perry and I spent some time in the coffee shop at the Jumeriah Beach Hotel in Dubai, an awesome setting of peace and elegance.

Someone conceived the Wild Wadi Waterpark in between two world-class hotels, Burj Al Arab and Jumeriah.

Human beings have the capacity to create something magical out of nothing.

What are you going to create? You may say, you do not have the means and riches of the Sheikhs of Dubai.

True and False.

True, you may not have the financial resources, but you have enormous untapped potential. You have a brain more powerful than any computer, and eyes, which though small, can see the stars, trillions of miles away.

Are you playing small?

Your playing small does not help anyone. Do not hide in the illusion of modesty for it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

So go out and announce to the world from the very depth of your soul that you are turning a new page, a new chapter in your life.

Say, “Watch me create with every breath I take.”

Create something as a magical as the Wild Wadi Waterpark in the middle of two world-class hotels.

Why not?

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