Your new awakening!

Today is your birthday – your new start in life; a fresh beginning. Yesterday’s faults have been released; they are gone. What matters is today.

To make the most of today, be silent and present, and in harmony with your surroundings and environment. Embrace all of the dimensions of life – the physical, the intellectual, the emotional and the spiritual. 

When you are in such harmony it is hard to ruffle you; you are not easily frustrated. You pick your battles, and you distinguish between the small stuff and the big issues. You do not get worked up if your children are not planning, being reactive or not listening. You look at what they are doing right, not what they are doing wrong. 

You watch in awe the sunrise, the sunset, the clouds, the stars and sky. You marvel at the creation. You are very grateful for being alive and healthy. You celebrate your new birth, your new awakening to life! 

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