Your Gift!

You have one gift that sets you apart from everyone else. It is your birth-day gift – a gift you were born with.

Most people don’t know they have a gift. Many of those who know they have a gift don’t know what the gift is and how to find it. Those few who know they have a gift and know how to find it lack the discipline to find it. Then there are those who have the discipline to find their gift however lack the focus to optimize its use in their lives.

What a tragedy for people to go through their whole life either never opening the miraculous gift buried inside them or never optimizing the gift once they find it!

Where are you in this journey – have you opened your birth-day gift yet?

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2 Responses

  1. If I have judged it well, are you refering gift of WISDOM which we human beings are born with?

    I believe, only human beings are born with WISDOM and it is the greatest birthday gift.

    1. Hi Jatin,

      Thank you for your feedback! And apologies for the late reply.

      The wisdom to know your special talent or passion or life purpose and then to actively live it… is the most important gift indeed. It can not only illuminate your path ahead but also be a source of light to others.