Your calling!

You are a miracle! A unique, special and precious human being! There is no one like you in the entire world. No one can smile like you, think like you, walk like you, talk like you or serve like you. From billions of people who have come into this world, no one has been like you.

You are special, precious and powerful.

When my cousin Asheef and his wife Denise were blessed with their first child, my wife, Farzana, my daughter, Sahar, and I went to see the mother and child.

While holding the baby, I noticed how alert he was, despite being less than a day old. His big eyes and expressions left me marveling at creation and how a baby comes into being from the mother’s womb and so full of potential even as early as day one on the earth! When you reflect on creation, witness the birth of a child, observe how the day turns into night and night into day or see the seasons changing, you begin to appreciate the miracle of life.

You are a miracle, and you possess an enormous power within, but you need to open your innate gift before you shine. William James, the father of modern psychology, said, “The average person rarely achieves but a small portion of his or her potential.”

Rumi, the Sufi giant, says, “You have a duty to perform. Do anything else, do a number of things, occupy your time fully, and yet, if you do not do this task, all your time will have been wasted.” In other words, you can do hundreds of things, but if you do not do this one thing that you have a duty to do, you have wasted your life. What is this one thing you must do?

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