Why Life balance?

Why Life balance?

– It enables you to avoid burn-out, and it can sustain your success.

– It creates a synergy of the body, mind, and soul.

– It enables you to move from success to significance.

– Allows you to be selfish and selfless – selfish in the sense of catering to your own needs first; selfless in the sense that by catering to your own needs, you can be of help to others.

– You find meaning and fulfillment. When you spend enough time, and spend it well, in areas that are important to you and you contribute your talents and resources toward the good of humankind, you find meaning and fulfillment.

– It enables you to unleash your potential. Through synergy, significance, and sustainability, you tap into your reserve and go farther and longer.

– It enables you to have an impact on the world. The basic unit for all of human society around the world is the family.  And families are made up of individuals.  So every individual who is balanced and is making a contribution toward others is making a difference in his country and, eventually, the world.

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