Why is it worth it?

The small message from Darlene below, and my reply, confirms why it is so powerful to spread the message of the power of giving. 

Dear Azim,

About 5 years ago I meet you doing a workshop/ talk on The Power of Giving at St. Ann’s Academy in Victoria ,BC. Serendipity is wonderful as it was here I purchased your book for my sister Sue Norris who’s cancer had progressed. 
I believe Susie and yourself had some correspondence; as this book helped comfort her and you both have similar outlooks. Susie had a dream for a foundation ( Thanks a Bundle Foundation) where people would help each other, no greed involved. 
Just to let you know our sister passed over to Glory September 1, 2013 after a most valiant battle, she is at peace but left us with the gift of giving to others.

Thank you for emailing her in the past, your book was at her bedside always. Family members are reading the book now.

Tomorrow we say goodbye to her formally and we will discuss the power of giving to those that attend her service.

Kind Regards,
Darlene Ricketts

My reply:


Dear Darlene,

I am very sorry to hear about your sister. May her soul rest in eternal peace and prayers for courage and strength to all family members. Amen. 
When you die, you do not take what you have, but what you gave! Sue gave more than most people despite her battle thereby truly embodying the message of the power of giving. 
I could not stop crying reading your message and tears are flowing down as I type this. These tears reflect sadness and joy. Sadness that we have lost a great human being; and joy because of gratitude that she crossed our path and inspired us all!
Darlene, if there is anything we can do to help The Bundle Foundation (to continue Sue’s legacy) or your family please let us know. 

With gratitude and prayers,



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