Creating Abundance through Giving

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“To find yourself, lose yourself in the service of others.” – Mahatma Gandhi

It is a well-accepted fact that pleasure from possessions or a comfortable life is fleeting. We soon get bored and want more, trapping ourselves in a vicious circle of never-ending desires.

True meaning, fulfilment and happiness come from making a difference and giving happiness to others.

In their book, Why Good Things Happen to Good People, Dr Stephen Post and journalist Jill Neimark show how giving unlocks the doors to health, happiness and a longer life. They include a 50-year study showing that people who give during their high school years have better physical and mental health throughout their lives. Other studies show that older people who give, live longer than those who don’t. Helping others has been shown to bring health benefits to those with chronic illness, including HIV, multiple sclerosis and heart problems.

Studies also show that people of all ages who help others on a regular basis, even in small ways, feel happiest.

 Challenge yourself with the following “How to” exercises to put yourself in the ‘giving’ zone

1)  SHARE a compliment, loving thought, smile, blessing, positive feedback, a prayer, forgiveness, gratitude, insight, an idea or money.

2)  PRACTICE giving the benefit of doubt to someone when you are tempted to judge them. Do this by giving the best possible interpretation to the situation. For example, when you feel someone has bad-mouthed you, ask what could be the best possible interpretation of this. Could you be mistaken? Could it be that the person who informed you of the bad-mouthing is trying to cause a friction between you and the person in question? There are many possibilities. The outcome of this approach is that you will feel more at peace.
3)  GIVE unconditionally; don’t expect anything in return, just like Nature shares its riches (the shining sun, the scent of a flower) with us, with open arms.

4)  DON’T keep a score of when, why and how you give. As the theologian and author William Barkley has said: “Always give without remembering, and receive without forgetting.”

5)  THANK people who asked you to help them because they gave you the opportunity to give; it’s a pleasure to help.

6) GIVE up on negative traits – jealousy (someone’s gain is not your loss; the universe is abundant); ego (by realizing that you need others to help you); anger (it’s no one’s fault; it’s your choice to be angry); and negativity (look at the best interpretation, be grateful for what you have, check on your negative thoughts).

7)  KNOW that you can choose your reactions to situations and that you can choose reactions that bring you peace. Ask yourself: if jealousy or anger or negativity do not bring me peace, then why choose these reactions? You have a choice. It’s not easy to do, but try to lower your frustration and anger levels, and prevent them from consuming you.

8)  GO the extra mile with your customer – give more than you’re paid for, and you’ll increase your value in your customer’s eyes.

9)  START your day by giving to your family. What can you give? Time, knowledge, attention, resources, a smile, a patient ear, forgiveness, a non-judgmental attitude, a prayer, a hug or a compliment. Continue the trend.

Whether as an individual, family member or businessperson, make giving a part of your life, and experience the abundance it creates.

(Excerpt from the book, ‘What You Seek is Seeking You’ by Azim Jamal & Brian Tracy.

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