Trust is a powerful word. It begins with trusting yourself. If you cannot trust yourself, it is very hard to trust others.

Why do people not trust themselves? Past failures, lack of discipline and constantly changing the ‘goal posts’ are part of the problem. Upbringing, environment and parental influence also plays a big role. If your upbringing gave you security, unconditional love and positivity, you are more likely to trust yourself. If you were constantly put down and made to feel that you were useless, you will be less likely to trust yourself.

If your upbringing did not help, what is the solution? Remember that the past need not equal the future. There are many examples of people who struggled in the past but recovered to create great successes. Start by creating clarity of what you want and why you want it. Next, act daily towards your goals. Stay focused and do not let yourself stray from where you are going. Evaluate your progress regularly, and be open to constructive feedback from mentors you trust!

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