Trigger for Upward Journey

Competition is good because it pushes you to raise the bar. Without internal and external drive, complacency can set in.  When you are constantlly striving to be better every day, you are bound to go farther than you can imagine. Also, when obstacles and hurdles strike, you have another opportunity to dig deep.

Look at the triggers that come from competition and other challenges as positive drivers. It is also helpful to push your limit because chances are, you are not fully tapping into your potential. A friend of mine lost his father at the age of 16 and he inherited a big business to run at a very young age. He not only managed (with the help of some elderly guidance), but he grew the business! Without the adversity, he would never known what he was capable of.

Instead of saying “why me” when adversity or competition comes your way, say “why not?” With this attitude, every trigger creates an upward journey for you.

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