To set, or not to set?

Goal setting makes you aspire for bigger and better things in life. It also allows you to tap into your genius. There is an element of excitement when you are setting higher targets with a purposeful outcome. You wake up every morning raring to go.

Goal setting can also make you feel incomplete and missing something. This is not necessarily bad because you are always becoming, never static. However, when goal setting makes you feel like a failure for not having accomplished what you are desiring, that can lead to make you feel like a loser.

So should you set goals or not set goals? Set goals, hands down! However, accept that where you are now is a result of all the goals you set in the past and worked towards. So you are a success based on your past goals and efforts.

The trick is to feel successful, fulfilled and savouring the moment and day, yet aspiring for new heights and not becoming complacent.

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