Tips for young professionals

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What’s the advice for young professionals in today’s world who are in a race to have it all?”

We are living in exciting times today, packed with a plethora of opportunities and bursting with new ideas. However, in a bid to have it all, it’s easy to lose sight of what truly makes our lives meaningful and fulfilling. My advice for young professionals is centered around three pillars; Business, Balance & Beyond

  1. Business: Pour yourself completely and wholly in each moment and in all you do. Simply put, be present to every moment. Bringing totality to all we do simplifies life. Focus on a tight set of priorities. If you have too many priorities, you have no priorities!
  2. Balance: Remember your life is your canvas. You can paint it any way you like. If you just focus on one color or area of life, the results will be uninteresting or too extreme. Whereas if you focus on too many colors, you will risk spoiling the harmony of your life painting. Hence, achieving balance or choosing the middle path is key. Ensure you choose a conscious mix of all that life has to offer, one that carries meaning and purpose for you, be it work, family or your interests. Only then can you create a rich and memorable tapestry of life.
  3. Beyond: Never lose sight of the big picture. Each one of us is born with a purpose singular and special to our existence. And what you seek is also seeking you. So don’t ignore your life purpose. Take time to discover it. It might be the most important thing you ever do in your life. Don’t follow others blindly. Their path may not be your path. Once you discover your purpose, don’t lose sight of it. Take some quiet time every day to reacquaint yourself with all that is essential and driven around that purpose. If an activity does not support your higher purpose, let it go. This way, a lot of unimportant things in your life will simply drop away and you will be able to live out your true potential.

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