The idea of ‘enlightened persistence’

You are probably familiar with the idea of persistence. If you persist, you succeed.

I use the phrase ‘enlightened persistence’ because many people chase goals for years and years only to find that, in the end, they do not like what they received and are not happy.

They may even find that they have been chasing the goals that others have set up for them and living the lives that others want them to live.

Chasing your own goals – the goals that make you happy and keep you fulfilled – is an important part of unleashing your potential and living up to your abilities.

The Sufi philosophy teaches that you should not give up when searching for the truth and for the sacred.

The Corporate philosophy holds that the more persistent you are, the better your chances of success.

The Corporate Sufi philosophy suggests that your persistence should be enlightened.
If you chase the wrong goals, you will feel empty even if you reach those goals.

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