The divinity in you

There is divinity in all of creation. When we disrespect others, we disrespect ourselves. Respecting one and all is a duty and a sign of humility and maturity. 
When Hindus greet others by saying Namaste, it represents the belief that there is divinity in all of us. Namaste can be translated to “I bow to the divinity in you”.

The greeting is an acknowledgment of one soul from another, within the same source. 

Keeping that in mind, when we see others suffer, we feel some suffering within. When we see others happy, we feel happy within. 
Even when we watch a movie and see suffering we cry or feel deeply. When we witness happy endings, we feel happy. Why? It is a connection that we have with each other. 
Then you wonder, why are there wars, killing, hurt, rape? So hard to fathom. 

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