Success for me?

I was doing a keynote at a conference for one of the biggest automotive and marine companies in the world, and toward the end of the presentation I was asked, “What do I consider to be a success for me?”. I took a pause and responded: If I lived each day as if that day was the only day that counted in my life – in terms of my work, service/ spirituality, finance, lifelong learning, health, and family – that would be the definition of success for me.

I added that in the past legacy was important for me, but I realized that legacy is a byproduct of what you do every day and every moment. Also, none of us have the power of knowing how long we will be alive. Therefore, what counts is today and now.

Every day we have an opportunity to start afresh and make the day very special. True success for me is if I am able to live my life with this approach!

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