Stand by your principles

We cannot control what others may choose to think of us. What we can control are our actions, reactions, and behaviour. Worrying about what others think takes us away from our own centre, and deters us from living in harmony with our life purpose. 

By constantly trying to win others’ approval, you expend energy that could be devoted towards your goals. Refusing to worry about what others think of us does not mean that we do not respect others or have concern for their feelings. It means that we are content to be exactly who we are and not what we think others expect us to be. When we cease to worry about what others think of us, we take control of our happiness.

The whole world may think us remarkable, but that does not necessarily make us so. We need to look deep within ourselves to find our true worth and to determine whether we are living in harmony with our best and noblest wishes for ourselves and others. Similarly, just because someone else says we are no good does not make us so. It is better to be true to oneself, even if this may lead to unpopularity, than to please others by pretending to be someone we are not.

Discover your inner self, be comfortable with who you are, and stand by your principles.

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